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  • Mechanical Engineering
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  • Architectural Engineering

 ISSN: 2616-9916

Vol 26 No 6 (2018)

Published: 2018-04-10

User Evaluation of Media Technology in the Urban Scene of the City

Wijdan Deyaa Abdul Jalil, Hadeel Mowaffaq Mahmood

32 - 47

Experimental Study of Solar Collector Performance with Serpentine Mini-Channel

Zainab H. Naji, Mohammed Fowzi M, Maryam Ali A. Ameer

76 - 88

Non- Distractive Testing of Reactive Powder Concrete

Mohammed Mosleh Salman, Salwa Rahman Rasheed

118 - 127

Experimental Study to Design and Manufacturing of NACA 0012 Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blade

Muhammad .A.R Yass, Ekbal Hussein Ali, Hussein Ali Hussein

128 - 139

Production of Hard Grade Bitumen for Using in High Modulus Asphalt Concrete

Basim H. Al- Humeidawi, Mutaz Kadhim Medhlom, Kassim kadhim Hameed, Huda A. Kadhim

157 - 174

Polymer Biomedical Films

Salah Mahdi Abdullah, Jaleel Kareem Ahmed, Nizar Jawad Hadi

220 - 233

Ground Response Analysis for Two Selected Sites in Al-Hilla City in the Middle of Iraq

Mohammed Y. Fattah, Hamed H. Abdullah, Abdulkareem H. Abed

234 - 256

Efficient Design of a Large Storage Tank for Liquefied Natural Gas

Ammar Ali Abd, Samah Zaki Naji, Farhan Lafta Rashid

362 -383

Performance of Concrete Containing Iron Fillings

Mohammed Noori Hussein AL-Hashimi, Wisam Abdullah Najim, Ali Mohammed Hameed

384 - 392

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