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(Wesam Bhaya) Mon, 26 Nov 2018 08:51:18 +0000 OJS 60 Gas Turbine Tubular Combustor Main Injector Optimization for Low Emission Combustion <p>This work presents the experimental investigation results of high performance and low emission colorless combustion in a gas turbine tubular combustor at atmospheric conditions. Low emission and colorless oxidation reaction is characterized by dispersed flame and temperature under the conditions of preheated air. System performance, emissions of CO and UHC are recorded up to achieve low emission colorless combustion, the flame capturing, Measurements of temperature, inlet air mass flow rate and gas fuel LPG flow rate for variable of fuel main injector holes diameter. concluded that maximal air mass flow rate, with choked fuel flow in the main injector for each cases promotes the formation of colorless pal blue flame combustion, for 3.2 g/s of fuel flow rate with 6 holes and 1mm main injector holes diameter and lower CO emissions and decreasing in UHC emissions (70 → 10) ppmv with increasing in power generation (0.5 → 3.42) kW and decreasing in S.F.C. (21.5 → 3.49) kg/kwh.</p> Arkan Khikhal Husain, Mahmood Attallah Mashkoor, Fuad Abdul Ameer Khalaf ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 Numerical and Experimental To Evaluate Of Supply Chain Performance Measurement Dairy Industries via Using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process and Fuzzy Logic <p>With the modern orientation of companies which concentrates mainly on customer, globalizations, and high competition position, this caused the supply chain members must be under high pressure to manage and control their effectiveness. So measuring of supply chain performance in such circumstances can be considered as a crucial effect and it is implemented in this paper. This research aims to estimate supply chain performance measurement based on Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process. In real application, the performance of organization estimated based on different factors and these factors vary in impact on performance depending upon policies and strategies of organization. The importance of each factor was identified by applying Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchical Process technique. Two phases fuzzy logic rule were applied, the first phase i.e. fuzzy inference system was used to identify performance indicator of each factor by using its value and importance. The second phase was started by using second fuzzy inference system to identify supply chain performance measurement by integration of all factor indicators which obtained from first inference rule. The developed approach provides an effective tool for evaluation of supply chain performance measurement and real case study was presented in dairy industries.</p> Riyadh Jamegh, AllaEldin Kassam, Sawsan Sabih ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 Flexural Behavior of RC One-Way Slabs Strengthened with Fiber Reinforcement Cementations Matrix, FRCM. <p>Numerical simulation performed in this paper to explore the flexural behavior of RC one way slab strengthened with fiber reinforcement cementations matrix (FRCM). Three dimensional finite element analysis was performed by using ANSYS (17.2). The main issues focused in this paper are (1) the effect of FRCM fabric types on the flexural behavior of strengthened RC slab in terms of both ultimate capacity and deflection, (2) effect of variables compressive strength value of the concrete slab and (3) number of fabric layers for composite material effect. The results showed that the fabric type had a clear effect on the flexural behavior of the strengthened slab. The parametric study also revealed that the flexural strength increases with increasing the compressive strength of concrete when the failure is represented by crushing of the concrete strut. In addition to, the number of fabric layers for composite material had a clear effect on the behavior of RC slab, but to a specified number because then the failure is determined by the action of the concrete in the compression zone.</p> Ali Hadi Adheem, Isam M. Ali, Mustafa S. Shaker ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 Dynamic Analysis of Gough Stewart Robot Manipulator by Using Lagrange Formulation in Matlab Software <p>In this paper, Gough Stewart parallel manipulator with six-degree of freedom used as a model to derived the inverse kinematics equations and inverse dynamic equations. The inverse kinematic problem is very simple to derive then used to computed the jacobian matrix and the lengths of the linkages to determine the path trajectory of the moving platform. The dynamic equation based on the Lagrange method by calculated the kinetic and potential energies for the model. The dynamic equation inserted in Simulink block as Matlab file lead to computed the forces of the linkages at any time of simulation and can be used to explain if the path contain a singularities where the forces increasing very quickly in singular point compare with other points during the path of the moving platform. Finally, these blocks can be used in the other models with different parameters inputs.</p> Hassan Mohammed Alwan, Riyadh Ahmed Sarhan ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 The Dimensions of Smart Architectural Design <p>In light of the rapid technical technological development of technology and its dominance over the joints of life, the need for intelligent design was born as an important episode of the technological development in the 21st century. This concept became dominant in all other design types, including design with its various disciplines such as architectural design, urban and other. It is capable of dealing with architecture &amp; urban problems and solving them, and it has the ability to study the relationship between architectural buildings and transportation, social and political planning thinking, its relation to the urban and economic aspects, and the provision of safe and easy means of freedom and of the transition between the spaces. And provide special spaces for people to enable them to meet and meet all their social requirements. In order to shed light on the dimensions of smart urban &amp; architectural design, it is necessary to build on a global research ground that explores the concepts of urban intelligence. The research aims to study the concept of smart cities, sustainability, dynamic design, etc., because of its strong association with the concept of intelligence on the one hand and the urban &amp; architectural design concept, Global government interest in this issue as in the European Parliament, for example. One of the most important elements of urban design is the need to deal with the city or region in a comprehensive way away from reading the elements separately to reach a suitable design for that region. A good urban design is the close link between city planning and architectural design. And that the body of the city is not integrated except in the presence of public spaces and to broadcast the spirit is not only interest in the health of its streets, it is necessary to participate people in the design of the city, but through a questionnaire on the opinion of design thought, there should be a collection of as many ideas as possible to reach Type of integration with urban structures. The research presents a research hypothesis that artificial intelligence may be the concept of smart cities, which is influential in rephrasing the dimensions of the concept of urban design according to the theory that came from the Matthew Carmona through a theory that calls for integration in the dimensions required for the architectural and urban design of the social space suitable for man.</p> Hussam Jabbar, Kias A.H. Abbass, Ahmad Hadadd ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 The Importance of Digital Modeling to Understand the Functional Change of Urban Landuses <p>Mathematical modeling is one of the important tools to derive theories and indicate causal relations between spatial variability of various phenomena, scientific theory developed for the purpose of conducting spatial analysis of the phenomenon through time they used mathematical modeling to link Variables and factors influencing the phenomenon.</p> <p>Mathematical modeling has evolved after entering the digital technology, the wording of the various models is done by the computer via custom software designed for that purpose, geographic information systems (GIS) is one of the most important digital systems that allow researchers using mathematical modeling In the analysis and interpretation of spatial relations of various phenomena through fellowship.</p> <p>Urban land uses are one of spatial phenomena in cities created for various functions such as housing and shopping, transport and mobility, manufacturing, education, health and other services to the city through the relationships and interactions among them and are subject to the rules of logical theory suit City environment and administered through planning and management regulations .</p> <p>Urban landuses affected in Najaf during 1994 till 2018&nbsp; by factors influenced the change of the relationship between them, have changed their functions have become different in nature from the planned situation, This led to problems,and Prompting the researcher to adopt digital mathematical modeling specifically )GWR) to identify causal factors of functional change in urban land uses in the city during the study period as well as try to interpret the indicators and results and representation Digital maps allow for the possibility of developing a planning and management.</p> Naseer A. Hasach Albasri ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 Study the Effect of Silica Gel Powder on Clathrate Hydrate Formation Behavior for HFC-134a Gas. <p>One of the important aims of gas hydrate technology is to enhance the formation of hydrate or reduction the induction time for clathrate formation. The effect of the different promoter silica gel powder on R-134a gas hydrate formation has been investigated in the isochoric system experiment. It is noted that the purse media have a significant effect in increasing the speed of nucleation as well as improving the growth of hydrate. In the experiment, the effect of silica gel powder was studied to determine their effect on the composition and cooling capacity of 134 hydrates. From kinetic models were obtained many objective functions such as the amount of gas consumed (∆n), the growth rate (r (t)), and conversion of the water to hydrate. The gas consumed (∆n) of binary system increased with increase initial pressure of hydrate formation, also the hydrate growth rate (r (t)) and increase conversion of water to hydrate increase &nbsp;when this the first time that the effect of silica gel pweder on these functions with average active size (900) nm, BET surface area (0.65) m<sup>2</sup>/g, pore volume 210.85 cm<sup>3</sup>/g and average pore size (900) nm that studied for use in industrial applications and water treatment. The improvement of hydrate growth is marked by the addition of silica gel powder, which in turn increase the solubility of hydrate gas and reduce the contact angle. In addition,&nbsp;&nbsp; silica gel powder positively the contact with the gas through the increase of the interaction surface between gas and water and this increases the rate of formation of hydrate.</p> Riyadh Sadiq AL-Mukhtar, Shurooq Talib AL-Hemeri, Mustafa Saadi Mohammed ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 Impact of Transport Systems Operating in Cities' Centers on Urban Development (Environment) <p>The transport systems operating within the city in general and its center in particular have a great impact on urban development within the city's sustainability. Development in all its parts and components aims at preserving the human, environment and resources on the one hand and providing a safe, easy and healthy life on the one hand. Transport is a fundamental, effective and effective part of development because of its great impact on the development of cities. Today, it is the basis of the engine of life in cities and its impact on the economic, tourism, social, environmental and many more. Traffic systems during the last century, and continuing to come together now and in the future, and is a natural consequence of the substantial increase in population numbers throughout the world, including Baghdad city center. Therefore, the importance of the subject is "the result of the importance of transport systems operating in the city and its impact on development and the environmental, economic and health aspects." The hypothesis "Integrated and sustainable public transport systems have social, environmental, health and economic impacts at the city level in general, Access when available "research problem" is the lack of a clear cognitive perception of the reality of the transport systems adopted in the city on development and the environmental, economic, social and health.</p> Mohammed kareem mohessen, Bahjet Rashad Shahin ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sun, 25 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 Effect the Coefficient of Performance in the Production of Architecture <p>If the procedural definition of the performance act is ("the mixing of subjective and objective effort in a logical and conscious action to reflect the architectural thought and create the optimal expression between the desired image and the possible image with references from inside or outside the architecture to meet the need of the receiver and thus accept).</p> <p>Is this dimension performative specific performance coefficient can be measured by the performance of architecture through which, if we know that the definition of coefficient of performance ((is the energy required relative to the paid energy)) and the relationship of these two definitions, an architectural concept of performance evaluation, which is a system that helps in measuring and evaluating the relationship between the efficiency of the performance duties and functions of the job Eshetglha and all of the behavior and the ability of the product on the best results achieved performance according to the level of performance and the degree of actual achievement, which helps to know the strengths and weaknesses of the past performance and determine how to avoid weaknesses and investment strengths at the present time and in the pain Will be accepted to reach the highest degree of performance efficiency, including the individual and the community. If the objective of architecture core is the benefit of man all the physical, moral, social and economic levels ... etc., since this science dimension Adaiaa goal of the benefit of man and therefore society finds research his problem through the questions, you can find a constant coefficient of performance architecture can be measured? How to take advantage of the performance coefficient can be used as a criterion for measuring the benefit of architecture, and what is the relationship between the benefit of the production and function of the architecture, what specializes performance output coefficient or usefulness of the function of architectural production. This gives the signal to determine the main hypothesis that architecture science goal is to find the function of the product of working on the benefit of the human system and this system consists of a set of elements and through the study of these elements and their relationships can be reached Adaiatha plants. Whereas the secondary hypothesis: the possibility of finding for the benefit of architectural output function for performing access to read in the life of architecture through the elements of its projects components and can therefore be life indicator architectural output and ensure the preservation of Adaiatha.</p> <p>In this case, it is possible to refer the information base to the search through the variable used in the coefficient of performance of the architectural output symbolized by the symbol X and the theoretical objectives of the research in the possibility of knowing, containing and directing the change in the nature of the performance awareness of the benefit of a particular architectural product by knowing its practical function in providing a method of measurement Which enables them to identify a new relationship and a new life in architecture that depends mainly on the performance factor of the architectural output and its relation to elements of the architectural system to reach a building that is full of life and as long as possible.</p> <p>&nbsp;Independent variables: the components of the performance of the architectural production of energy production, required and paid and its impact on the life of architecture. The research was based on a methodology that consisted of the following axes: the axis of the efficiency of performance, the role of the mind and its transfer to its own, and the focus of the study examples and conclusions and recommendations.</p> Hussam Jabbar, Ibrahim Al Husseini ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 26 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 Implementation of an Automated Vacuum Elevator System <p>Pneumatic vacuum elevator (PVE) has become a popular choice for our homes and low-rise buildings in recent years. The Pneumatic vacuum elevator represents a new concept evolved from the idea of pressed air applied in the pneumatic elevator replaced by a vacuum air idea. The pneumatic vacuum elevator is able to transport people between building floors without using any cables, counterweight, or pulleys. A simple and low cost construction and implementation for an Electro-pneumatic vacuum elevator system prototype is presented in this paper. The elevator system prototype is constructed with three floors to elevate a maximum load of 6kg. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) of (LS\GLOFA-G7M-DR30U) series with (16) inputs and (12) outputs programmed with Ladder diagram software is used for the fully automated the elevator system. The idea of the proposed elevator system may be predicted to be widely spread in the low-rise residential buildings.</p> Farag Mahel Mohammed, Jamal Abdul-Kareem Mohammed, Mustafa Ali Naji ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 26 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000 The Ethics of Decoration in Architecture <p>The decoration has been associated with various human achievements since ancient times and has been considered by some of theses &nbsp;as an additional, non-mandatory , can be probability&nbsp; remove , subtract and dispensable. It is misunderstood as a mere addition and an instrument&nbsp; for beauty as its artistic characteristics, especially the decorative&nbsp; jewelry. In contrast to the concept of mandatory&nbsp; ethics concept &nbsp;which associated with</p> <p>both for purposes and values aspects, that contrast highlighted the need to discuss them together to investigate the ethical aspects of decorating in architectural output to undermine those ideas, which considered decorating as a surplus only.</p> <p>The research problem was explained by&nbsp;"absence &nbsp;a clear conception of the ethical indicators of decorating the product of architecture", Thus the goal of the research is that "put the ethical indicators of decoration the architectural output at the level of plans and facades" , so the research put hypothesis as "highlighting the ethics of decoration within both the subcontractor and the apparent levels In each of plans and facades, to achieve architectural output as a whole", it focused on uncovering the ethical indicators of decoration the architectural output, in order to present a special theoretical framework for the indicators of moral decoration at the level of plans and the facades together,</p> <p>It has been confirmed that the decoration at the level of the plans and the facade both, that confirmed its commitment to the functional aspects economic , safety environmental construction, as well as to the aesthetic aspects of expressive and symbolic especially Tectonics, as determined the apperance of architectural output as a whole Today, after its development into digital tectonics for the production of digital surfaces, which were described as skins to overlap the structure (the structure - the skin) and their material together weaving decoration process thanks to the digital potentials to represent the digital surface space or metaphysical fabric and a living space for various functional and aesthetic values in the current era, including richer functional plans and expression facades.</p> Abdulla Sadoon Salman, Enas Salim Abdulahaad ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 26 Nov 2018 00:00:00 +0000