The Relationship Between the Word and the Meaning of Imam Ali (Peace be Upon Him)

  • Faleh Hassan Asadi College of Education for Human Sciences - University of Babylon
  • Haidar Abdul Rasool Awad College of Education for Human Sciences - University of Babylon
Keywords: Imam Ali peace be upon him, pronunciation, meaning, appropriate, arbitrary, linguistics


The research has shown that Imam Ali (peace be upon him) says on the occasion between them, and this was supported by mental and analytical evidence, and how this opinion has had an impact In the Muslim scholars: linguists, grammarians, and literalists, and that the best of those who benefited from it are the Erafani, as they established a theory in the interpretation of texts, especially the Koran. And discussed the views that denied the occasion between them and their contradictions, as well as that the arbitrators have no evidence to prove, and the answer to the reasoning of the existence of tandem and common verbal and anti-language, and proved that the existence of these phenomena in the origin of the status of the language; Led to the emergence of these phenomena is a deviation from the origin. He explained the serious consequences of saying arbitrarily.