Intellectual and Aesthetic Dimensions of Seals Cylindrical Cylindrical

  • Huda T. T. AL- Nadawi Department of Fine Arts - Faculty of Fine Arts - Babylon University
  • Kihtan Sebry Department of Fine Arts - Faculty of Fine Arts - Babylon University
Keywords: seals, Babylonian, religious, Hammurabi


The current research dealt with the "intellectual and aesthetic dimensions of the Babylonian cylindrical seals" in an attempt to identify the intellectual and aesthetic dimensions inspired by the Babylonian artist in cylindrical seals.

In order to achieve the objectives of the research, which included four chapters, the first of which was: the methodological framework of the research, starting with the problem of research and through the research objective: (the intellectual and aesthetic dimensions of the cylindrical cylinder seals).

According to the time period (1894 BC) - (1595 BC) for the ancient civilization of Babylon. And analysis of photographic models of cylindrical seals with different subjects. As well as identify the terms to which the research.

As for the second chapter of the theoretical framework, it contains three topics. In the first part, the focus is on cylindrical seals from ages before writing to post-writing times (Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Sumerian, Assyrian).

The second section included a full and concise review of the ancient civilization and arts of Babylon.  The third topic focuses on the ancient Babylonian cylinder seals.

The third chapter deals with research procedures in terms of limiting the research community. The method was adopted descriptive analysis of the sample analysis, which was (5) illustrated technical models of cylindrical seals of the old Babylonian era.

The fourth chapter included the results and conclusions that emerged from the research and the most important results:

  • The system of shapes on the surfaces of the ancient Babylonian cylinder seals is characterized by a combination of a realistic world represented by the worshipers and the mythical myth of the image of the human gods. As in (1), (3), (4).
  • Most of the topics that were carried out on the surfaces of the cylindrical seals of the ancient Babylonian era have ideological and ideological dimensions, which are of great importance in the life of the ancient Babylonian society, as in the heads of the broken model (3) and the water waves model (4).
  • The artistic creativity which characterized by the cylindrical seals of the old Babylonian era is a creative and interactive child with a fully dynamic and dynamic interaction and all that surrounds it. As in (1), (2), (3), (4), (5).