Vacations of Policeman Included in the Iraqi Law of Service and Retirement for the Employees of Internal Security Forces No.(18) for the Year (2011) Modified.

  • Khadim E. H. Al-Juboury
Keywords: Normal vacation, Special vacation, periodical vacation, service law, policeman


The policeman , same as to his fellows of state employees civil and martial employees, deserves normal vacations and special vacations, these vacations were enacted by the Iraqi enactor in the law of service and retirement of internal security forces no. (18) for the year 2011 based of the arts of no. (26,27, 28, 29,30,31,32,33 , 34).

Due to the importance of this vacations in the life of the policeman, so we have studied this subject according to a plan included preliminary question about the importance of vacation for the policeman in the above mentioned service and retirement law, plus to two sections, first one is specialized to tackle with the normal vacations of policeman, the second one is to search the special vacations of policeman, then an epilogue included the most important suggestions and results that we have come up with, in addition to the list of references, and an abstract in both languages Arabic and English.