Published: 2018-10-19

Dynamic Weights Equations for Converting Grayscale Image to RGB Image

Shymaa Akram Hantoush Alrubaie, Ahmed Hasan Hameed

122 - 129

Use Google Sketch up As an Illustration in Industrial Drawing

Assad Khudair Daraj, Ahmed Hameed Shakir

137 - 143

The Latent Tuberculin Test after 1-year Therapy with Anti-TNF in Babylon, Iraq

Ali Alkazzaz, Murtadha Najah Jawad, Zeyad Tareq Kareem

144 - 150

Study of Absorption Spectra, Fluorescence and Energy Levels of Fluorescein Dye

Afrah M. AL Hussainey, Salar Hussein Ibrahem, Talib M. Abbas ALShafie

164 - 175

Study the Effect of Palm Date Extract against Bacterial and Fungal Species Isolated from Ear Infection

Amidah Ali Atiyah, Rasha A bdui Atheem Yaseen, Afrah Abdullah Jasim

176 - 182

Morphotectonic Analysis of Euphrates River Basin/ Iraq

Zeyad Jameel Al- Saedi, Mustafa Rashead Al-Obaidi

217 - 229