Vol 26 No 4 (2018): Pure and Applied Sciences Section

Published: 2018-02-02

On p-duo Semimodules

Asaad‏ ‏ ‎ M. A. Alhossaini, Zainab A. H. Aljebory


Histopathological Study of Sub- Acute Toxiciy ‎Induced by Relife in Mature Male Rats

Ghusoon A.K. AL-Neamah ‎, Rawaa S.A. AL-Azawi ‎, Ahlam J.H. AL-Khamas ‎


Relatioship of Some Biochemical Variance with Hepatitis Patients

Abdulhussien Mahdi Aljebory, Abdulhussien Mahdi Aljebory


Increasing Power by Sharing Information from Genetic Background and Treatment in Clustering of Gene Expression Time Series

Sura Zaki Alrashid, Muhammad Arifur Rahman, Nabeel H Al-Aaraji, Neil D Lawrence, Paul R Heath

253 - 267

A study of Some Hormones and Antioxidant ‎Systems Disturbances in Older Men

Reem Abdul-Raheem Al-Saadi, Dakhel Ghani Al-Watify