The Dimensions of Smart Architectural Design

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Hussam Jabbar
Kias A.H. Abbass
Ahmad Hadadd


In light of the rapid technical technological development of technology and its dominance over the joints of life, the need for intelligent design was born as an important episode of the technological development in the 21st century. This concept became dominant in all other design types, including design with its various disciplines such as architectural design, urban and other. It is capable of dealing with architecture & urban problems and solving them, and it has the ability to study the relationship between architectural buildings and transportation, social and political planning thinking, its relation to the urban and economic aspects, and the provision of safe and easy means of freedom and of the transition between the spaces. And provide special spaces for people to enable them to meet and meet all their social requirements. In order to shed light on the dimensions of smart urban & architectural design, it is necessary to build on a global research ground that explores the concepts of urban intelligence. The research aims to study the concept of smart cities, sustainability, dynamic design, etc., because of its strong association with the concept of intelligence on the one hand and the urban & architectural design concept, Global government interest in this issue as in the European Parliament, for example. One of the most important elements of urban design is the need to deal with the city or region in a comprehensive way away from reading the elements separately to reach a suitable design for that region. A good urban design is the close link between city planning and architectural design. And that the body of the city is not integrated except in the presence of public spaces and to broadcast the spirit is not only interest in the health of its streets, it is necessary to participate people in the design of the city, but through a questionnaire on the opinion of design thought, there should be a collection of as many ideas as possible to reach Type of integration with urban structures. The research presents a research hypothesis that artificial intelligence may be the concept of smart cities, which is influential in rephrasing the dimensions of the concept of urban design according to the theory that came from the Matthew Carmona through a theory that calls for integration in the dimensions required for the architectural and urban design of the social space suitable for man.


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H. Jabbar, K. A. Abbass, and A. Hadadd, “The Dimensions of Smart Architectural Design”, JUBES, vol. 26, no. 10, pp. 51 - 68, Nov. 2018.