The Subconscious Construct of the Monodrama Character in the Iraqi Contemporary Theatrical Texts

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Ruqaiah Wahab Majeed Bayram


      The subconscious construct poses one of the major bases from which many diverse forms of psychological character instinct، emanated from its behavioral types، interacting with each other in its internal creation system worlds of alienation and imposed replacement according to the fantasies of character that erase the internal kept grieves that reside in the subconscious mind. The monodrama characters have embodied a variety of characters that are dominated by the subconscious construct in its turbulent behaviors that regress up to the psychological time. Hence، the study tries to answer the following question: What is the technique(s) of forming the monodrama subconscious construct in the Iraqi contemporary theatrical texts for the period of (2007-2020)?

The study is concerned with the concept of subconscious as it is an important element in building the subconscious construct on stage and it falls into two sections: the first is a theoretical introduction and the second is about monodrama and appearances of psychological character. The study analyses “Mujared Nifayat” of the Iraqi writer Qasim Matrood as a sample of the study which uses the descriptive approach. The main results of the study are:

  • The subconscious construct has dominated over behaviors of monodrama characters which are characterized with confused behaviors up to the duality of contrast and unmatched coordination as a result for addressing the conscience and torturing the self.

  • Reciprocating motion، resulted from contradicted memory، dominated the addressing narrations between I and the opposite.

  • Dominance of the place and its negativity has erased the conscious construct of monodrama character resulted from refusing the conceptual understanding in the components of self، subconscious mind and real alienation.



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