Published: 2018-01-16

Estimation of Maximum Shear Capacity of RC Deep Beams Strengthened by NSM Steel Bars

Hayder Hussain Kammona; Abdullah Sikar Hassan Al-Issawi

13 - 22

Centralized Database for Laboratory Test: A Case Study Of Oil Refinery

Nahla Fadel Alwan, Ammar Mohammed Ali, Jamal Hilal Assi

43 - 57

Miscibility improvement of LDPE/PVA blends by using silane-coupling agent

Zuhair Jabbar Abdul Ameer, Nabeel Hasan Hameed

98 – 109

Performance analysis of a keyword search system

Mustafa Abdalrassual Jassim

146 – 152

The Effect of Adding Alloying Element Yttrium and Tantalum on Mechanical Properties of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy

Abdulkareem Abdulrazzaq Alhumdany, Abdulraheem K. Abidali, Hanan J. Abdulredha

153 - 164

Assessment of The Asphalt Produced in Some Factories of Asphalt in Al-Hilla City

Mohammed Karem Abd, Zuhair Dhaher Habeeb, Dhiaa Neama Jabbar

236 - 246

Material Selection for Competition–A Case Study for Air Coolers

Luma A. H. Al Kindi, Amjad Husien Jasim, Entsar Nife Farhan, Batool Ibraheem Jameel

274 - 306