Published: 2017-12-21

Employing 3R Techniques in Managing Cement Industry Waste

Lamyaa Mohammed Dawood, Zuher Hassan Abdullah

8 - 19

Parametric Study of the Effect of the Suspension Composition on the Electrophoretic Deposition of Alumina

Alaa Abdul hasan Atiyah Abdul hasan Atiyah Atiyah, Saad Badry Hasson Farid Badry Hasson Farid, Awham Jumah Salman

62 - 68

Power optimization of wind mill turbine blade for different cross section

Muhammad A.R Yass, Hussein Ali Hussein, Mahmood Abdulzahra Shkara

106 - 126

Effect of sulfur and Nano- carbon black on the mechanical properties of hard rubber

Mohamed Hamza Al-Maamori, Ahmed Fadhil Hamza, Ahmed Ehsan

127 - 134

Effect of Single and Double Pass Arc Welding on HAZ of High Carbon Steel Weldments

Alaa Abdul Hasan Atiyah, Shaker J. Edrees, Farhad M. Kushnaw

141 - 151

Flexural Behavior of Self-Compacting RC Continuous Beams Strengthened by CFRP Sheets

Sabih Z. Al-Sarraf, Dhiyaa Hamoodi Mohammed, Mustafa Mohammed Raheem Al-Kashan

181 - 191

The Possibility of Using the kiwi Peels as an Adsorbent for Removing Nitrate from Water

Layla Abdulkareem Mokif, Noor Alaa Abdulhusain, Shaymaa Obayes Hussein AL-Mamoori

192 - 197

Effect of Quenching Media on Mechanical Properties of Medium Carbon Steel 1030

Khansaa Dawood Salman, Bassam Ali Ahmed, Intesar Naif Frhan

214 - 222

A Study of the Effect of Recycled Mix Glass on the Mechanical Properties of Green Concrete

Aseel B. Al-Zubaidi, Kadhum Muttar Shabeeb, Aynoor Ibrahim Ali Jan

265 - 272

Studying the Physical Properties of Hma with Recycled Aggregate Subjected to Moisture

Ahlam K. Razzaq, Nibras Ali Hussain, Asaad Mohammed Baqer

295 - 301