JOURNAL of UNIVERSITY of BABYLON for Pure and Applied Sciences, (JUBPAS) is an official journal of the University of Babylon for Pure and Applied Sciences in Iraq established in 1995.

JUBPAS is a scientific peer-reviewed open access journal publishing high-quality research and review papers at the forefront of modern research describing significant developments in Pure and Applied Sciences.

Online ISSN: 2312-8135

Print ISSN: 1992-0652

Vol.32 No 1 ( 2024)

Published: 31-03-2024

Expulsion Methylene Blue MB Dye from Aqueous Solution by Using Activated Camel Thorn

Ali L. Alfalluji , Qasim S. Kadhim , Jehan Hamzah Hussein


Antimicrobial Properties of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Hawraa Jawad Kadhim, Sama J. AL-Zuwaini, Hieam Adnan, Mohammad Golbashy


Techniques for Digital Watermarking in Images: A Review

Hiba Al-khafaji, Bayadir Abbas Al-Himyari , Noor Fadel Hussain


A Comprehensive Survey on Loop Unrolling Technique In Code Optimization

Esraa H. Alwan , Rafeef Mazhar Ketran , Israa Abdullah Hussein


Studying Potential Energy Surface for 190Hg 188Pt and 186Os Isotones Using Approximation Model

Zahraa Abdul Amier Khadum , Mohammed A. Al-Shareefi, Ghaidaa A.Hafedh Jaber


Estimation of Vaspin Hormone in Obese Women With Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Eman Abdullah Ouda Al-Zobaey, Abeer Ataallah Ayyed Al-Hadidy


Evaluation of Thyroid Function Test in kids with Insufficient Growth Hormone

Nada Razooqe Taha, Sahar Abdul Wahab Al-Shaban, Ammar Abdulkhalek Mohammed


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