Manuscripts that are submitted online to JUB are received and processed by the Managing Editor. This process can take several days due to volume. In the next stage, the manuscript is evaluated for suitability and readability. If there are problems with the suitability or readability, it is returned to the authors with instructions to revise.  If it is readable, we do not reject it.  The manuscript is then submitted to Turn-It-In to check for possible plagiarism. If no plagiarism is detected, it is then sent to one of the Editors for reviewing.  The Editor reads over the manuscript and then checks JUB’s database for appropriate reviewers. The Editor then assigns the papers to approximately three reviewers, giving them one two weeks to conduct the double-blind review.  When the reviews come in, the Editor makes a decision and notifies the author(s). Submissions are either accepted outright (rare); with minor revisions (a very frequent decision); with major revisions; or declined. If a major revision is required, the manuscript is returned to the authors who must then resubmit for a second review. When a paper is declined, it cannot be re-submitted to JUB.