User Evaluation of Media Technology in the Urban Scene of the City

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Wijdan Deyaa Abdul Jalil Hadeel Mowaffaq Mahmood


 The contemporary development in the field of the digital technology for the media has been witnessed an increasing use in the urban scene of the city. This causes disconnection of the visual references of the place, which are replaced by a simulation of the reality by digital images as an alternative to the physical presence. So, the Availability and spread of the new means of visual communication and information technologies create new symbols of contemporary life, that have different levels of acceptances by users. The problem of research is: “The need to detect the user's evaluation of the use of media technology in the urban scene”. The research proposal is: The excessive use of media in urban scene led to visual pollution and the lack of sense of place. For its methodology, the research follows three steps: First, the review of the architectural writings that have agreement or disagreement of the presence of media in the urban scene, to find the scalable items to measure the users evaluation of the urban scene. Second, the implementation of the Questionnaire, which is made by choosing of five case studies representing various urban scenes in Baghdad city (where the media is used), to adopt the questionnaire form designed, as a means of measuring user’s evaluation. The research Sample was 40 persons (not architects) and 70 persons (the architects), who have visited the case study sites several times. Third, by using questionnaire form and excel program, the results are Calculated. The research concluded some negative issues, that should be noticed while using media in the urban scene, to avoid visual pollution and provide the sense of place with the help of the specialists. The ease of recognizing and understanding of the user and the limited use of the media are the most important evaluation factors in user preferences. 


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W. Jalil and H. Mahmood, “User Evaluation of Media Technology in the Urban Scene of the City”, JUBES, vol. 26, no. 6, pp. 32 - 47, Apr. 2018.