Published: 2019-02-11

Vibration Analysis of Uniform and Tapered Composite Beams with Embedded Shape Memory Alloy

Qasim Abbas Atiyah, Ammar Saleem Hameed, Baqer Jabbar Assi

82 - 93

The Effecting of Physical Properties of Inorganic Fillers on Swelling Rate of Rubber Compound: A review Study

Salih Abbas Habeeb, Zoalfokkar Kareem Alobad, Muayad Abdulhasan Albozahid

94 - 104

Effect of Heat and Mechanical Treatments on Mechanical Properties of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu Alloys

Fouad El Dahiye, Mahmoud AlAssaad, Mohamad Yehea Alnefawy

119 - 129

The Robust Stream Cipher for Securing Data in the Smartphones

Abdullah S. Abid, Mohammed J. Zaiter, Tayseer S. Atia

157 - 210

Effect of Heat Treatment on Properties of Titanium Biomedical Alloy

Jassim M. Salman Al-Murshdy, Bassim Jaber Ghayyib

232 - 246

A Comprehensive Review on Various Estimation Techniques for Multi Input Multi Output Channel

Awwab Qasim Jumaah Althahab, Sameer Abdul Kadhim Alrufaiaat

262 - 274

Identity and Exchangeable of Figure and Background Visually

Basim Hasan Hashim Al-Majidi, Ahmed Hashim El-Eqapy

290 - 311

Numerical Analysis of Contact Area under Slippage Conditions

Marwah Sabah Fakhri, Ihsan A. Baqer

312 - 323

Failure of Zoned Earth Dam (An analysis of earth dam break)

Abdul-Hassan K. Al-Shukur, Ranya Badea’ Mahmoud

344 - 353

Electrodeposition of Zinc from Galvanized Steel

Ruqia Hisham Abd ulster, Rabiha Salih Yaseen, Firas Farhan Sayyid

394 - 408