Published: 2019-06-11

Rainfall Returns Periods in Iraq

Hussein Ilaibi Zamil Al-Sudani

1 - 9

Ecology & Its Applications in Local Architecture

Munaf Adnan Talib, Zaynab Radi Abaas

21 - 38

The Structural Characteristics of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Beams

Sajjad abdulameer badar, Laith Shakir Rasheed, Shakir Ahmed Salih

64 - 73

Theory of Constraints in Construction Projects

Mustafa Hassan Talib, Afrah Mohammed Hassan Kashkol

109 - 124

Experimental Study of Wickless Heat Pipe with Flat Evaporator for Used in Cooling of Electronic Components

Samah Ihsan Adnan, Aouf Abdulrahman Ahmad, Adnan Abdulamar Abdulrasool

125 - 137

Indicators of the Mosque as a Social Type

Zainab Huseen Ra’ouf

150 - 170

Effect of Gravel Size and Weir Height on Flow Properties of Gabions

Shaker A.Jalil, Sarhan A. Sarhan , Bshkoj S. Hussein, Jihan M. Qasim

214 - 222

Forecasting Monthly Maximum Temperatures in Kerbala Using Seasonal ARIMA Models.

Adnan K. Shathir , Layla Ali Mohammed Saleh , Sumayah Amal Al-Din Majeed

223 - 232

Production of Copper Powder from Ores by Elecrodeposition Process

Sundus Abbas Jasim, Sajad Abd Al-kadhum Mohsin, Maithem Ammory Jaafer

233 - 241

Review: Recent Directions in ECG-FPGA Researches

Mohammed Khalid Ibrahim, Ahmed A. Hamad, Murad Obaid Abed, Riyadh Abdulhamza Mohammed

242 - 251

Effect of Evaporative Cooling Combined with Heat Sink on PV Module Performance

Ibtisam Ahmed Hasan, Iman Saleh kareem, Duha Adil Attar

252 - 264

A Review Paper on Concrete-Filled Aluminum Tubular Columns

Ahmed Sagban Saadoon , Kadhim Zuboon Nasser

265 - 274

Geogrid Soil Reinforcement for High Way Subgrade Layer

Afaf Rafeeq Hasoon, Kareem Khaleel Al Saffar

334 - 341