Published: 24-12-2018

Effect of Saline Irrigation Water and Organic Waste Quality on Some Growth and Yield Parameters of Barley

Sabah Lateef Asi, Mohammed Tarkhan Abo – Almeekh, Hammed Kadhum Abd – Al Ameer

27 - 35

Molecular Diagnosis in Differentiating Active and Inactive Forms of Hepatitis B Virus Carriers

Salah Tofik Jalal Balaky, Saeed Ghulam Hussain, Amer Ali Khaleel, Furat Tahseen Sabeer, Ahang Hasan Mawlood

41 - 45

Study the Optical and Spectral Properties of the Acridine Dye As an Effective Medium in Dye Lasers

Afrah M. AL Hussainey, Ruaa Kahtan Mahmoud, Talib M. Abbas ALShafie

167 - 180

Some General Properties of the Inverse Shadowing Property

Iftichar Mudhar Talb Al-Shara'a, Sarah Khadr Khazem Al Sultani

176 - 180

Determination of the Paleostress Orientations and Magnitudes for Missan Structures, Southeastern Iraq

Atheer Edan Khalil AL- Hachem, Mustafa Rasheed Salih Al – Obaidi

213 - 233

Solving Differential Equation by Modified Genetic Algorithms

Eman Ali Hussain, Yahya Mourad Abdul – Abbass

233 - 241

Genetic Algorithm for Effective Optimization of Delay Performance in Wireless Sensor Networks

Saif Khalid Musluh, Alaa Abid Muslam, Raid Abd Alreda Shekan

281 - 308

Routing Strategy for Internet of Vehicles based on Hierarchical SDN and Fog Computing

Ahmed Jawad Kadhim, Seyed Amin Hosseini Seno, Rana Ali Shihab

309 - 319