The Effect of Symbolic Renewal Strategy in Adopting Local Architecture Heritage

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Iman Mohammed Matloob
Barizat Qassim Fahmi
Ahmed Hashim Al-Aqabi


Despite the accumulated knowledge of the legacy of local architecture and the influence of foreign symbols, it was characterized by a lack of knowledge of how to adapt these symbols and patterns of foreign creativity to produce a new local architectural dialogue addresses the mind of the recipient and raises his emotional motives. Based on this, the basic research objectives were determined as; the scientific need to know the influence of foreign symbols in the production of the local architectural text and the effective mechanisms that influence the development of the characteristics of the local architectural form to produce contemporary Iraqi architecture. To achieve this, a theoretical framework for research based on specialized architectural studies was constructed, consisting of the following main words: (Exploration of the symbolic act produced for local architectural text, patterns as a basis for generating architectural form and the forms of creation adopted for the symbolic renewal strategy).

On the practical side, (212) architectural design was surveyed for the projects of graduate students of architecture at the University of Technology within the period of time (2012-2017), and it was discovered that nine projects were concerned with studying the heritage of the local architecture, which were selected as research samples for qualitative measurement. The process has shown the role of the symbolic renewal strategy, its mechanisms, patterns and characteristics in achieving a contemporary local architectural text, and the effectiveness of balanced matching between inherited and incoming patterns in the preservation of identity and all the privileges of inheritance and the innovations that modernity produces in the creative march of man.


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I. Mohammed Matloob, B. Qassim Fahmi, and A. Hashim Al-Aqabi, “The Effect of Symbolic Renewal Strategy in Adopting Local Architecture Heritage ”, JUBES, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 285 - 298, Oct. 2019.