Physical Behavior of a.PP/LDPE Blends under Different Conditions

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Balkees M. Al-Dabbagh
Hanaa J. Khadim


The aim of this work was to make LDPE /a.PP blends for  economically attractive by (10/90, 20:80, 30:70, &50:50 w/w) ratios via injection molding carried out under 180 o C injection temperatures and to evaluate their mechanical properties including :( Density, Tensile Strength, Elongate to Break, Impact  Strength, Bending Modulus,&  Young's  Modulus . we notice that the blend behavior dependent on its composition, and injection temperature .

Results show there are an increasing of impact strength and bending modulus with increasing of (LDPE) contain and the highest value of these properties were at (50:50) weight ratio, while it has the highest Young's modulus at (30:70) wt%. 180 o C as injection temperature leads to translate the mechanical behavior from ductile to stiff behavior. DSC curves show that the blends is immiscibility , also thermal degradation was decreased with increasing of LDPE to (50%).Also the Melt flow index decreased from (5.04)-(4.01) (g/10 min) with increasing of LDPE from (30%) to (50%).


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B. M. Al-Dabbagh and H. J. Khadim, “Physical Behavior of a.PP/LDPE Blends under Different Conditions”, JUBES, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 321 - 331, 1.