Al'lamia Poem in Defending the Prophet (PBUH). (Analysis)

  • Hussain Mohtadi Meddy Department of Arabic Language and Literature, College of Arts and Humanities, Persia Gulf University/ Iran
  • Husayn Lifatuh Hafiz Center of Studies Kufa / University of Kufa
Keywords: Abu taleb, the Prophet (PBUH), Commitment in literature


Abu Taleb was the Sheikh of "Al'abateh' and the head of 'Beni hashem' tribe. In his time, Abu taleb was a great poet. He recited his poem when the Prophet (PBUH) took refuge in outskirts of Mecca "al'shi'ab". In this poem Abu taleb addresses guidance, blame, and threat to his cousins and his tribe. the main features of this poem are clearness, avoiding uncommon and weird words and expressions. Therefore, the poem had a deep impact on people at that time. The article discusses the poem in four sections:the main reason behind writing this poem, Praising the Prophet (PBUH) and enumerating his virtues, Hostility, Names of personalities and places. this article sheds the light on moral and religious subjects the poet tackled in his poem. Yet, shows how far the poem shows the characteristics of the poet.

Keywords: Abu taleb, the Prophet (PBUH), Commitment in literature


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H. Meddy and H. Hafiz, “Al’lamia Poem in Defending the Prophet (PBUH). (Analysis)”, JUBH, vol. 26, no. 6, pp. 333 - 353, Jun. 2018.