Corpus Linguistics and Translation

  • Riyadh Khalil Ibrahim Al-Esraa University College
Keywords: corpus linguistics, computer corpora, corpus- based translation


The 21stcentury witnesses tremendous technological and organizational advances in world’s economy and societies. This has left a great impact on translation and translation studies. Corpus is a machine-readable representative collection of naturally occurring language assembled for linguistic analysis accessible with software such as, concordances that can find list and source of linguistic patterns. It lays the foundation of Corpus linguistics which makes it possible for translators and translation studies to make use of large quantity of stored data on computers for examining target language translations. Computer corpora includes spoken/written, casual/formal, fiction/non-fiction texts representing various demographic areas. The study aims at familiarizing student of translation and translators  with the methods and practical applications of computer corpora in various fields of language use. The study reveals that Corpus data are essential for accurately describing various samples of language by showing how lexis, grammar and semantics interact to serve appropriate translation output.


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