Histological –Physiological Study of Thyroid Gland in White Male Rats Processing with Aluminum Chloride and Treated with Oil of Nigella sativa


  • Asmaa Mohammed Mekkey College of medicine university of Babylon


Aluminum chloride, Nigella sativa oil, TSH, Thyroid gland


The study included two groups,  it has been designed as two experiments , in the first experiment,24 rats have divided into four subgroups  , the first subgroup received the distal water which considering the control group and the  other three subgroups have given a different aluminum chloride concentrations (80, 160, 240 mg/kg/day) for 45 days . In the second experiment 24 rats divided into four subgroups  ,the first one received a 1 ml/kg concentration of  Nigella Sativa oil, which considered as a negative control group while the rest of the subgroups received the same previous concentrations of aluminum chloride in addition to 1ml/ kg concentrations of Nigella sativa oil .

The study showed a significant reduction(p<0.05) in the thyroid gland hormones level ( T3)   in the (160 mg/kg) concentration and T4level at (240,160 mg/kg) with a significant  elevation(p<0.05) in TSH in the same concentration when compared with positive control. The treatment with Nigella sativa oil enhance the levels of T3 in the 240 mg/kg.

For the histological changes of the studied organs  , these changes represented by a degeneration of epithelial cells that surrounded the  thyroid gland follicle  , infiltration of inflammatory cells in the lumen of the follicle, then when compared with groups treated by oil of Nigella sativa,   there is a little improvement  in some of the tissues which represented by a vacaules in thyroid follicles which it refers to the activity of the gland regeneration of epithelial cells that surrounding the follicle , there's appositive effects of oil of Nigella sativ on the level of T3 and the histology of thyroid gland changes which caused by the toxicity of 240 mg/kg  of aluminum chloride .


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A. M. Mekkey, “Histological –Physiological Study of Thyroid Gland in White Male Rats Processing with Aluminum Chloride and Treated with Oil of Nigella sativa”, JUBPAS, vol. 29, no. 1, pp. 64-74, Apr. 2021.