Published: 29-11-2017

In Predictable Outcome of Some Complex Function ‎on l_2 Space

Hayder Kadhim Zghair, Samah Abdl hadi

1602- 1607

Improved Mesh_Based Image Morphing ‎

Mohammed Abdullah Taha

1608 - 1617

Adapted LZW Protocol for ‎ ECG Data Compression

Saif M. Kh. Al-alak, I. H. Alwan, Ahmed A. A. Hussein

1618 - 1626

Chaotic Properties of Modified the Kaplan York ‎Map

Iftichar M.T. Al-Shara’a, Suad Mohammed-Hassan

1627 - 1637

A Special kind of Non Associative Seminear-‎Ring With BCK Algebra

Sajda Kadhum Mohammed, Azal Taha Abdul Wahab

1648 - 1662

Uniform-Pareto Distribution

Kareema Abid Al Kadhim, Ameer Dhea Il-deen Al Musawy


Fungal Urinary Tract Infection in Burn Patients‎

Suad Yousuf Aldorkee, Mohammed F. Al. jawed


Immunity of Surface Layer Protein of Aeromonas ‎hydrophila in Rabbits

Lobna Adil Al-Noori, Frial Gemeel Abd, Wejdan R. Taj Aldeen