Published: 31-12-2021

Convolutional Neural Network in Classifying Three Stages of Age-Related Macula Degeneration

Saja Mahdi Hussein , Ali Yakoob Al-Sultan , Enas Hamood Al-Saadi


The Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Pneumonia In Hospitalized Patients Aged 1-60 Months

Yahya A. Al Tufaily , Surra Falah Al Jubawi, Fadhil Sahib Hassnawi


Study of Planktonic Foraminifera within Shiranish Formation in Selected Wells From Middle and Southern Iraq

Hawraa Ramadhan Younis, Maher Mandeel Mahdi, Abbas Hameed Al-Bedhany


Employing of CRISPR-Cas System as an Antimicrobial Agent

Dalal M. Ridha , Hawraa M. AL-Rafyai , Zainb Fadhil Jawad


Video Steganography Based on Modified Embedding Technique

Rawaa Abd-alhakem, Mohammed Abdullah Naser