Aesthetic Values of Voice Performance for an Actor in Child Theatre Shows

  • Fadhil Aram Lazim Institute of Fine Arts – Baghdad
Keywords: Aesthetic, Values of Voice, Child Theatre Shows


          The study consists of four chapters; the first talks about the problem and the necessity which conduct such topic to be researched. The aim of this chapter is to explore the aesthetic values of the voice performance, while the limit is restricted on these aesthetic values of the voice performance an actor has, in child theatre shows, during 2003 to 2012 in Baghdad. Chapter two discusses the theoretical background and the previous studies. It embodies three perspectives; firstly is the charm of the voice performance , secondly, the actor and his role, and the third is the child theatre, followed by the results and previous studies. Chapter three applies the procedures on the proposed samples based on the theoretical background  in establishing the analysis forms. chapter four includes the results which lead to the conclusions, some recommendations and suggestions for further research are put forward, and the bibliography and the abstract are written at end.  


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