Mona's Effect of Complaining About his Contemporaries -Selected Forms-

  • Mohammed Habib Salman Al-Khatib Kufa University/Faculty of Jurisprudence
Keywords: systematic suspicion, utter doubt, doubtful faith, modern age


Montagny  is one  of  the  most  famous  skeptics  of  the  modern age , so he is  counting   on  doubts  in  modern  thought  in  contrast  to  p in  the  face  of  ancient  doubt. The  research  is  an  attempt  to  show  the  extent  to  which  he  influenced  some  of the  most  important  thinkers  who  followed  him  with  the  importance  of  skepticism  and  their  conviction  in  their  scientific  and  practical  feasibility , although  there  were  differences  between  them  and  Montagni. The research dealt with both.  


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M. Al-Khatib, “Mona’s Effect of Complaining About his Contemporaries -Selected Forms-”, JUBH, vol. 26, no. 5, pp. 353 - 372, Apr. 2018.