Role of the School Activity in the Development of Gifted Students in the Drawing Competition

  • Khawla Ali Abdulla Al-Husainy Collge Of Fine Arts/ University of Babylon
Keywords: role, school activity, development, gifted, drawing competition


      The study focused on studying the role of the school activity in the development of gifted students in the drawing competition. The research was divided into four chapters. The first included the methodology of the research. It included a definition of its problem, importance and need. The second chapter deals with the aesthetic and pedagogical dimension of graphic art in children, the second is the mechanisms of plastic activities in school activity, and the ways of discovering talented students in drawing. Include The researcher used the descriptive approach in the method of content analysis. The research tool was a content analysis form, and included the sincerity and persistence of the sample. The results were summarized in the fourth chapter, including: The drawings were characterized by high accuracy in coloring, as the colors did not exceed the outer lines of the form, and the conclusions, including: The activity of the school has an important role in the development of talented drawing competition. The chapter contains recommendations, proposals and a list of sources and annexes.


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