The Indian Political Thought in Light of the Vedas

  • Kholoud Habib Karim University of Karbala / College of Education/ for Human Sciences
  • Alaa Hussein Tarif College of Quranic Studies/Department of Quran Sciences
  • Murtahda Chasib Muthana Directorate General of Education in Maysan
Keywords: Ancient India, Vedas, Punishment, Power of the Spirit


The study of political thought in ancient India is no less important than social thought or religious thought، as it was the main pillar in the formulation of many systems، especially at the level of central authority or the state in general، so the old Indian political thought was the turn A large in the control of society in accordance with the law was drawn by the powerful authority، and represented، as we will see some of the figures that had a major role in the design of political thought.

In this study، we examined political thought in the light of the Veda texts and how they played an important role in the formulation of many political ideas that clearly influenced the course of events in ancient India، as well as many of the things that the political authority set in managing and controlling the social situation.


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K. H. Karim, A. H. Tarif, and M. C. Muthana, “The Indian Political Thought in Light of the Vedas”, JUBH, vol. 26, no. 7, pp. 26 - 39, Jul. 2018.