Intellectual Flattening for Gilles Deleuze and it's Representative in Post-Modernity's Arts (Andy Warhol) as a Sample

  • Nashwan Ali Mahdi University of Babylon /College of Fine Arts
  • Ali Shnawa Wadi University of Babylon /College of Fine Arts
Keywords: Intellectual flattening, Gilles Deleuze, post-modernity, Andy Warhol


The research studies (intellectual flattening for Gilles Deleuze and it's representative in post-modernity's arts (Andy Warhol ) as a sample). As a mechanism applied by the intellect of post-modernity, and it is an outcome for the intense opposition against intellectuality, values, using dissembling, nihilism and irrationality.. that made a root change in the comprehensive system for the post-modernity such as the art of post-modernity and pop art.

The research includes four chapters, first one dealt with methodical frame of research represented by the problem of the research. The problem was materialized by the following query: What is the intellectual flattening in the generation of Gilles Deleuze? And How did the post-modernity artist comply to the techniques of intellectual flattening?, also the chapter discussed the importance of research and aim of the research:(Defining intellectual flattening for Gilles Deleuze and representatives in post-modernity's arts (Andy Warhol) in addition to the limits of research and specify it's terms.

Second chapter included theoretical frame and previous studies. Theoretical frame contained Two sections. First section dealt with the intellectual flattening in the intellect of post-modernity. While the Second section dealt with intellectual flattening in the art of post-modernity.

While third chapter dealt with procedures of the research represented by the population of research and the sample that was (7) of Andy Warhol's works.

The research was finalized by chapter four which included results, conclusions, recommendations and suggestions.  Most distinct ones are:

Andy Warhol dealt with a huge flattening as he picked up his subjects and collapsed any ideal value or essential meaning from them, so were equalized each of important, non-important, precious and valueless, and everything cheap or normal can be a good material for art.

Both of the works of Andy Warhol and Deleuze have corresponded with each other in affirming the peculiarity of motion and existence that govern life and history, Warhol depended on the styles of that confirm on state of change, recurrence and variety, as a companion features with the materialist scientist and exclude what is constant and limited, of the changing , variable and multi subjects continuously.

The most important conclusions were:

The public works and Warhol's works came to accomplish the economic, intellectual, social and politic system, by it's transforming that founded for post-modernity and as a part of this system, existence of the relation between Warhol's texts and Deleuze's texts.


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