Representations of the Superman in the Art of Contemporary Formation

  • Ihsan Talib Gafer University of Babylon /college of Fine
  • Rehab Khuder Ebadi University of Babylon /college of Fine
Keywords: Superman, representations, formation, contemporary


The present research deals with the superman and its representations in contemporary composition. the research included the first chapters of the chapter on the problem of researches which ended with the following question: what is the superman in the contemporary formation as well the importance of research and the need for the mechanism, the second part included the contemporary composition and ended the theoretical frame work a number of indicators, while the third chapter included the research procedures, including the research community and the (40) art work within the movement of expressive abstraction conceptual art and art of graphite and sample  included (4) works of art by (1) and one work for both conceptual and graphite art as well as the chapter on how to build the tool of analysis and achieve the honesty and consistency required for it and the and ended the chapter by mentioning the statistical means used in research finally, which came to search of them first represented the powers of the superman in the activation of the quality of the acts  and the transition of the orders you have to gain the reverberation I want and embodied in how to form contemporary artistic achievement and second was the superman in the formant of especially the art of sculpting exceeded its traditional boundaries and replaced the contemporary sculptor the logical statement by the artistic and aesthetic not to slrike the holy of lies and aesthetic not to slrike the holy holies, shock, surprise , strangeness , strength and reasonable size , mass and weight. One of the researcher is the sufmanism is a tendency the sitvations left by wars and social conflicts, including the artist to liberate and gain the ability to prove and quality within this world finally recommended the researcher to activate and detonate the will of students by starting their own will within themselves and not imposed on them or make it ready. The most important proposals are a study on the representation of the superman in the contemporary western American configuration. 


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