Discourse Strategies in the Story of Prophet Yusuf (Peace Be upon Him)

  • Zahra Sadat Zakeri University of Shiraz
  • Afarin Zare University of Shiraz
Keywords: Discourse, Discourse Strategies, The Story of Yusuf


Discourse is communication of thought by words; talk; conversation; a  formal  discussion  of  a  subject  in  speech  or  writing. Linguistics: any unit of connected speech or writing  longer  than a sentence. Depending on authority and purpose, discourse strategies are divided into:  solidarity, persuasive, advisory, and implicit strategies. The present aimed to define the kinds of discourse strategies, according to Ben Dhafer al-Shahri then analyzes the story of Yusuf - Peace Be upon Him - and among tale characters through analyzing the discourse strategies. The main findings of this thesis is that among the discourse strategies, solidarity and then persuasive strategy have been used more than any other strategies.


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Z. S. Zakeri and A. Zare, “Discourse Strategies in the Story of Prophet Yusuf (Peace Be upon Him)”, JUBH, vol. 26, no. 7, pp. 144 - 171, Jul. 2018.