The Democracy In Syria From 1954- 1958

  • Ali Mohsen Sirheed General Directorate For The Education of Babylon
Keywords: The Democracy, Syria, The national congregation, The treaty of Baghdad, the unity Syrian Egyptian


The period  between 1954- 1958  was more times democracy  inSyria where comeback the constitutionality life for the country and practiced the people elections toselct the house of representatives, And practiced the parliament and parties their role in the management of the country and forming government national congregation collected all parties national and nationalism and independent, and stood Syria against the foreign alliances in particular the treaty of Baghdad, and supported Egypt in events of the Suez and sought to the union with Egypt 1958, and consisted the research of introduction and three sections and conclusion ,studied the first section orientation to democracy and the constitutionality life, studied the second ascend section the nationalist congregation, and displayed the third section the unity Syrian Egyptian 1958.


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