Religious Tolerance in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas

  • Ahmed Abdalsadh Zwayyer University of Imam Kadhim/ College for Islamic Sciences
Keywords: Belief, Reformation, Religons, Judaism, Rule


This paper considers the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas particularly focusing on religious tolerance of the religions and beliefs contrary to Christianity. It tries to suggest a remedy through what we called dialogue rules to know those whom we should talk with to reach common points without offending the religious belief of either party. The paper also shows Aquinas’s attitude to tolerance of rituals which Christianity considers deviant practices that harm belief so as to end with accepting the opposite other, in his political theory which aims at achieving the common interest under the umbrella of a state seeking the society of the Man.


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A. A. Zwayyer, “Religious Tolerance in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas”, JUBH, vol. 26, no. 7, pp. 189 - 199, Jul. 2018.