Knowledge Capital in the University of Babylon and the extent of its Investment in National Development

  • Hassan Reza Al-Najjar University of Mustansiriya / Department of Information and Libraries
  • Ihsan Ali Al Ramah University of Babylon / University Presidency / Central Library
Keywords: Knowledge Capital, Intellectual Capital, Investment, Sustainable Development


The study aims at determining the extent of investment of knowledge capital represented by patents, doctor degrees and master's thesis in national development. The survey method was used and a questionnaire was prepared for the purpose of collecting data and information about the study variables. The study population was divided into three types, The third class was chosen to add to the results of the sample calculation, which included the sample (15%) of the main population of (913) teaching.

The most important results of the study were:

  • The study shows its reservation to the investor.
  • There is a significant statistical difference between the actual and expected repetition of the amount of capital investment knowledge at the University of Babylon national development.

The most important recommendations were as follows:

  • Reviewing the university system as a whole and laying the foundations for the advancement of infrastructure, especially knowledge management.
  • Work on activating an appropriate strategy for the University of Babylon and adopt the principle of the university producing within its objectives and education in light of this to be parallel to the degree to obtain the ISO International Certificate.


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H. R. Al-Najjar and I. A. Al Ramah, “Knowledge Capital in the University of Babylon and the extent of its Investment in National Development”, JUBH, vol. 26, no. 7, pp. 313 - 331, Jul. 2018.