Contact the Refutes with the Refutes in the Holy Qura'an a Study

  • Kadhim Ibrahim Obayes AL-Sultiney Ministry of Education / Directorate of Education Babylon
Keywords: Systems, connection, contrast, context, meet


Favorite among Arabs, that they do not combine the two refutes in one sentence and the bug in that one invalidates the other and the contrary. And since the Holy Quran is a miracle book – sent in the language of the Arabs, and according to its methods in systems and expression – its verses come airtight, and not contradictory and do not contradict between them in the sense.

It is an admirable Quranic regulation that God, Glory, Almighty, mentions the word and shows its characteristics, and then mentions its opposite in meaning and shows its characteristics as well as in the same verse or in other verses to join between them, contact the refutes of refutes.

The contradiction in saying is that the speaker in a way that contradicts his meaning and dissents it.

The difference between contradiction and antagonism is that, the antagonism is to incompatible the two articulation in the origin of existence. As for contradiction that the antagonism is to incompatible in the meaning, not in the origin.And the idea of contact contrast contrasted by Tabarsi (d. 548 e) in his book (Complex Bayan interpretation of the Koran) and we have proved this in the sheets of this research.

        The research divided five demands, and made the demands in which he stated the opposite of the contrast, to clarify the idea of the search for the recipient.


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