The Status of the House of the Prophet in the Holy Quran and Sunnah

  • Hamza Husain Obaid College of Education for Girls -Iraqi University - Baghdad - Iraq
Keywords: Doctrines, Ahl al-Bayt, the status in the Qur'aan and Sunnah


This research gathered in compliance with the command of Allah Almighty commanding the affection of the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) and the people of his house honored, and keeping the commandment of our Lord the Messenger of God (peace be upon him), recommending their love and adherence to them, while adhering to the Book of God and his Sunnah.

       The first question is entitled: The first subject: The obligation of their religion and adherence to them: There are three demands: The first requirement: In the Holy Quran: The second requirement: Concepts derived from the verse of the affection of the kinship: Third requirement: In the noble Sunnah and the sayings of the Companions and scholars

As for the second topic, it is related to: Their cleansing and the dignity of their noble ratios: There are two demands: First demand: Purification in the Holy Quran and Sunnah: The second requirement: the dignity of their pure share in the Qur'an and Sunnah.

Reached conclusions, including:

1-Peace be upon them, the first people to follow the example

2- the obligation and guidance and support of love to Allah and His Messenger without harm or harm.

3-One of the greatest taboos is to harm them with any kind of harm, and their loved ones and their Makram are believers, and those who hate them and harm them are hypocrites.

4-This nation will not regain its glory, which God wanted them only by taking the book of God and by listening to the Messenger of God and the people of his home the most generous of them tenderness and peace.


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