The Impact of Educational Techniques in the Achievement of Students in the Fifth Grade Literary Literature and Texts

  • Healal Mbder Kazem Directorate General of the education of Babylon
  • Ali Hamza Jakhyour Directorate General of Education Baghdad Rusafa / 2
  • FareS Mutashar Hassan College of Basic Education/ University of Babylon
Keywords: Technologies, Education, Collection, The fifth literary grade, Literature and texts, History of literature


The present study aimed to identify the effect of the short story in the students of the first three grades of the primary stage on language fluency in the General Directorate of Education in the province of Baghdad / Rusafa III. To achieve the research objective, the researcher formulated the following hypothesis: There is no statistically significant difference between the mean of the experimental group and the control group in the post-cognitive testing of the linguistic level at the level of significance (0,05). The current study was determined as follows: (2017-2018, primary schools in the Directorate of Education of Rusafa III, grammatical concepts found in the branches of the Arabic language for the first three grades of the primary stage). The research community consists of students of the second and third grades of primary school who study Arabic in the primary schools of the Directorate General of Education Baghdad, Al-Rusafa 3, for the academic year 2017-2018, the number of (12003) students distributed to (112) primary schools according to information obtained by the researcher From the Directorate General of Education. (B) was chosen to be the experimental group, which taught Arabic grammar in short story mode, and was chosen to be the control group to which the material is taught according to the traditional method. The number of students in the division (43) students, and the number of students in Division (A) (43) students, after the exclusion of students retreating.  The researcher prepared a test in linguistic fluency, consisting of (40) paragraphs and was verified the validity and the coefficient of difficulty, and the strength of discrimination and stability. The researcher used the following statistical methods in his research procedures and analysis of the results: (T-test of two independent samples, square (Ca2), Pearson correlation coefficient, and Kronbach-alpha equation). The researcher studied the two groups of research in the experiment, which lasted a full semester, applied at the end of the study tools, the results showed the following: - The students of the experimental group who studied according to the short story style exceeded the pupils of the control group who studied according to the usual method in the grammatical subjects.       In light of the findings of the present study, the researcher concluded a number of conclusions, including: The short story style is one of the most effective teaching methods in the teaching of Arabic grammar for students in the first three grades of elementary school. The average students' achievement was higher than that of students who were taught in the traditional way. Students of both sexes achieved almost equal achievement, indicating that the student's sex was not a significant variable in the teaching of language training using educational games. 2. The short story style leads to a variety of methods of presentation of grammatical subjects, resulting in a marked increase in the motivation of students in language fluency.      In light of this, the researcher made a number of recommendations concerning the study results, including: 1. Adopting the short story method in teaching the language exercises for students in the fourth grade because of its impact on students' achievement.


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H. Kazem, A. Jakhyour, and F. Hassan, “The Impact of Educational Techniques in the Achievement of Students in the Fifth Grade Literary Literature and Texts”, JUBH, vol. 26, no. 8, pp. 179 - 198, Nov. 2018.