The Interrogative Eloquence & Religion Meanings in Al – Sherif Al – Redhy Poetry

  • Fatin Fadhil Kadhim Department of Arabic Language/The Education College for Human Scientific/ Babylon University
Keywords: Al-Sherif Al-Redhy, poetry, religion meanings, praise, interrogative eloquence, lament


   Al-Sherif  Al-Redhy was one of the Islamic religion scientists and he had an extensive Islamic culture and deep knowledge with the religion sciences according to his affected with al-Quran style, converses of the prophet Mohammed and speech of Al-Imam Ali (vigils and peace of god on them). Al-Sherif  Al-Redhy impressionable was clear by his mimic to the great eloquence formulation as well as the appearance of the religion meanings through ethics and behavior of Al-Sherif  Al-Redhy, so this was the reason behind  the predominance of religion meanings on his poetry.The interrogative style is one of the eloquence styles that used by Al-Sherif Al-Redhy poetry especially praise and lament where the interrogative eloquence appeared clearly in stabilization  the religion meanings in his praise and lament.


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