Discipline Punishments in the Criminal Law of Internal Security Forces

  • Khadim Anaid Aljboory Traffic Directorate of Babel Province
Keywords: Discipline punishments, violation, policeman, authority and objection


        Accomplishment of policeman's duties and tasks resulted in insurance of people protection and fulfillment of  security inside the country, hence its mandatory issue that he should keep security, order, preventing commitment of crime and investigate the implementers, truly and faithfully with no bias for any via applying of laws and implementing them, if he violates application or impedes implementing them or get lazy to perform his role, he will be subjected to penalization included in the law, discipline punishments come first.

 According to what have been mentioned above, this research deals with this matter in a plan includes preliminary demand in the identity of discipline punishments, plus two sections, first one is specialized for searching in breaches of policeman and it's discipline penalizations , second is for authorities and objections then finally the epilogue that includes most important results and suggestions that we had come up with, in addition to reference list and an abstract in both languages (Arabic &English).


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