Executive Orders in the Code of Civil and Administrative Procedures of Algeria

  • Mohamed Ali Hassoun College of Law Political Science /1945Guelma Algeria University of 8 May
  • Hanan Nouasseria College of Law Political Science/ Algeria University of The Arab AL Tebessi-Tebessa
Keywords: Administrative Judge, Administrative Provisions, Administrative Abstentions, Executive Orders.


The aim of every litigant by filing a petition in the administrative court is to protect his rights violated by the administration. In fact, non-enforcement of judicial decisions without a legitimate reason is a violation of the law itself,and a violation of the rule of law in the state of law. To limit the cases of non-execution of administrative judgments, the Algerian legislator, adopted solutions - imitating the French legislator - to force the administration to execute the judgments. This legislative recognition has just turned a long time dominated by the principle of the prohibition of giving orders to the administration by the administrative judge.


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M. A. Hassoun and H. Nouasseria, “Executive Orders in the Code of Civil and Administrative Procedures of Algeria”, JUBH, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 80 - 95, Apr. 2019.