Aspects of Intuitive Inference on the Paintings of Teenagers Female مظاهر الاستدلال الحدسي في رسوم المراهقات

  • Kadhim Murshid Tharb Department of Art Education, College of Fine Arts, University of Babylon, Iraq.
  • Marwaa Yaqzan Ghania Alhabib Department of Art Education, College of Fine Arts, University of Babylon, Iraq.
Keywords: : Intuitive Inference, paintings ,Teenagersfemale


The current  research entitled with ( Aspects of Intuitive Inference on the paintings of Teenagersfemale)consist of four chapters, first one includes ( Methodical frame of research), the aim of research was: Discovering the Aspects of intuitive inference in peculiarities of teenagers' paintings by verifying the validity of the following zero hypothesis:

  • There is no evidence of intuitive inference in peculiarities of teenagers' paintingsfemale at level of (0.05) and this hypothesis branches to nine zero-hypotheses.

The researcher used the depictive method to study the comparison sample to achieve this aim, the research was limited to teenagersfemale of 5th preparatory class in preparatory and secondary schools in the center of city for academic year of ( 2019-2020) , research sample was (133) of  female , the sample was chosen by cluster random way. 

The research required using the two following tools:

First: Investigation the intuitive inference: the researcher relied on using the intuitive inference prepared by ( Alrawaf-2008) which includes (66) item, (20) items were for verbal side, (46) items were for scientific side, the researcher has verify it's credibility by two methods:

  • Virtual credibility methods: By showing the test (with primary form) in front of arbitrators committee and using Coper equation, the rate of arbitrators agreement was (89.88%)
  • Terminal comparison method: The researcher used the recognizing force equation for each item of the test's items and she ruled out every item with recognizing force less than (19%) and lesser, they are four: (39), (40), (41), (35B), hence the number of items were (64) item, (20) items of the were (theoretical) and (42) items of them were practical.

In order to verify the constancy of the test, the researcher used the half defragment, correlation factor between the two halves was (76.49) by using (Pearson correlation factor) and by using (Spearman Brown Equation) the constancy factor was (0.68).

 Then the researcher has applied the test over the research sample and determined two recognizing groups, one with a high intuitive inference has (49) individuals and the other of low intuitive inference of ( 49) individuals.

Second: A tool to analyze teenagers' paintings : After briefing paintings' analyzing tools from previous studies, she casted a special forms of (100) items in primary status.

To investigate validity of tools, the form was shown to (21) arbitrators are experts of painting, artistic education and psychology, then she modify, omit and add up to their advices to let the tool consists of (118), agreement rate of experts was (79.24) by using Coper equation.

For the consistency of tool, she picked up three samples of paintings randomly and asked external analyzers to analyze paintings separately, then she analyzed the samples twice consequently as period of (14) days between the two analyses to determine the harmony of the researcher with herself through time and then determine the agreement coefficient by using Scott equation to be (90%).

After accomplishing of the tool, she used analyzing paintings of the two samples high and low of (94) paintings and extract times of recurrent and percentages of two groups' peculiarities and by using (Z value) to compare between paintings' peculiarities for both groups high and low, it produced the following results:

  • There is obvious effect of intuitive inference over teenagers' female paintings peculiarities as the teenagers female of high intuitive inference had different painting's peculiarities from their colleagues paintings' peculiarities with low intuitive inference. Hence the researcher rejected zero hypotheses of research and adopted the alternative hypotheses.



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