Reasons of University Students’ Weak Motivation Towards Learning Educational And Psychological Subjects

  • Khawla Ahmed Mohammed Saeed Al-Brifkani Department of Special Education / College of Basic Education / University of Mosul
Keywords: Weakness, motivation to learn, educational and psychological subjects


The current research aims at investigation the weak motivation of college of basic education students towards learning educational and psychological materials. The researcher used descriptive method due to its appropriateness. The sample was (120) students in fourth year in humanitarian and scientific departments. The researcher made a survey of (20) items of three alternatives:(main reason – secondary reason – no reason) respectively.

Surface validity of the survey was verified by under passing  a panel of referees specialized in educational and psychological materials. Stability of the scale was extracted using half split reading

(0.80). The researcher used the following statistical methods (Pearson conjunction factor – Spearman – Brown formula – math means – standard deviation – T.test).           The researcher came with the following results the reasons of weak motivation towards learning educational and psychological materials are:

1- The focus of scientific departments on specialized curriculums in first place.

2- Lack of awareness of students towards the important of educational and psychological materials.

3- The use of traditional method in teaching educational and psychological materials that lack excitement factor given these results , the researcher made a number of recommendations and suggestions such as:(held workshops in the college for teachers and students to explain the importance and aims of educational and psychological materials).

As for suggestions:(make a study about students trends towards educational and psychological materials in humanitarian departments in basic education college and their peers in scientific departments and its relation with some variables.


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