The Effect of a Recreational Programon some Physical Abilities of Physical Education Teachers

  • Eman Hamad Shehab Department of Physical Education and Sports Science / College of Basic Education / Al-Mustansiriya University / Iraq
Keywords: characteristic force speed, transition speed, agility


The real problem of the research lies in the absence of special exercises the same _ kinetics can help teachers of physical education in controlling their psychological variables, including the physical self as well as some of the physical capabilities of the special exercises of the necessary and basic goals make them positive trends towards the lesson of physical education and through which Reach the positive state of self level that they have and thus we get the perfect job performance.

The research objectives were

1-Preparing special psychomotor exercises for physical education teachers in Wasit governorate / Essaouira district.

3-to identify the impact of special exercises prepared in the physical self and some physical abilities of teachers of physical education in Wasit province.

The conclusions of the research were as follows

1-The adoption of special exercises prepared by the researcher had a positive impact on the physical self of physical education teachers.

2-The proposed special exercises have an effective effect on the development of physical abilities of the experimental group, which included.

2-Preparation of the physical self-measure for teachers of physical education in the province of Wasit / district of Essaouira.


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