Attribution by Means Other Than Geminate Ya’a in the Holy Quran

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Hasan Gazi Alsaady


Attribution is adding something to others in terms of the meaning of appending the aggravating yaa broken before the last one added to it، and it is equal in that of the parents، and there is a set of formulas that come to the lineage according to the context in which it was mentioned، and this usage was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in seven formulas: 1- feeal (one word in five generous verses)2-faeil in 16 words 3- faeyl Four words in several verses 4 - mufeil; Two words in several verses 5-munfaeil (one word) 6mafewl of three words in several verses 7-mifeal of two words in several verses. She studied these formulas and their significance for lineage in the Noble Qur’an، using what was reported on the Arabs and the sayings of previous scholars.

The study aims at describingnon yaaproportions are revealed in the Noble Qur’an، verified in certain weights when they are found in special contexts،  after studying the context and its significance.

Research Methodology:

The search was divided into seven headings; Each title contained weight of the weights that denote the proportions other than yaa، based on the Qur'anic significance derived from the Qur’anic understanding، which seeks the opinions of interpreters، linguists، dictionaries، and literature related to the Qur'an.

The most important results

(Zhallam) is a powerful feeal): this weight is always due to exaggeration، but the first thing to say is: (Zhallam) did not refer to it in the Holy Qur’an as an exaggeration in injustice but rather an attribution of injustice.

(faeil، and mafewl، and mufeil) In some verses the general meaning of the verse suggests the arrival of the verb faeil، and mufeil) in the sense of the verb name، and the verb (mafewl) in the sense of the verb's name، so they gave it as a matter of descent.

(faeyl، and munfaeil، and mifeal) Some words have been answered by it، and some interpreters and linguists have passed on the meaning of lineage، and the first was that the meaning of lineage was not said.


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