Theoretical Ethics Represented in Baroque’s Drawings

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Mustaq Khaleel Ahmad



Current research means study " Theoretical ethics represented in baroque drawings" It is located in four Chapteres، The first is devoted to illustrating the research problem which was determined by the following question: How Theoretical ethics  were represented in Baroque drawings? The importance of the research was manifested in determining the mechanism of operating the concept of theoretical ethics، intellectually and Exercise، within the scope of the Baroque drawings in light of philosophical conceptual and explanatory، The study aimed to: Identify Theoretical ethics represented in baroque drawings، As for the limits of the research the Objectivity، temporal and spatial، they included studying and analyzing pictorial works (Oil painting) in Europe for the period (1600-1750 AD)، Also has been reviewed and discussed  The terms mentioned in the research، As  for  the  second chapter dealt with the theoretical framework and in two topics The first is The concept of moral and theoretical ethics in philosophy and art، The second: Baroque art concepts and applications، As well as extracting and discussing indicators to be used in formulating the research tool،  As for the third chapter it included the research procedures، Chapter four contained the results of the research، conclusions، recommendations، and proposals، Among the most important results reached by the the research are:1- Baroque came to live with people، Besides religious and palatial issues Pictures of the subjects of society، emphasizing the spreading of humility and the spreading of the spirit of altruism، that the individual is for the sake of the community and that the will and the mind are among the assets of the afterlife and there is no way in this world except for the virtues to obtain eternal happiness as in the sample (5،4،3،2،1). 2- The Baroque dynamism has taken the element of surprise and disavowal of the rules of the Renaissance style in creating new visions that seek a transcendent dialectic and to achieve a metaphysical horizon that seeks through its wisdom and virtues to win eternal happiness and that it seeks to do rather than retrograde.


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