Sheikh Al-Tousi’s Methodology in his Book “Rules Refinement”

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Adil Abdul-Jabar Thamir Al-Shaati
Noor Ibrahim Jasim Abbood Al-Maamuri


      “Rules Refinement” is considered one of the most important books of the Shiite hadiths, which has been accepted by all Shiite jurists. It includes narrations (hadiths) in jurisprudence and legal rulings narrated by Prophet Muhammad’s Progeny (peace be upon them). Sheikh Al-Tousi has explained in this book، the compelling book of Sheikh Al-Mufid.

      Sheikh Al-Tusi was not exposed in this book to the research of the origins of beliefs، and he was satisfied with researching the branches and rulings from the beginning of jurisprudence, which is the book of purity to the end, which is the book of blood money. Book titles were arranged in disguised book order. The evidence that Sheikh Tusi relies on in this book is inspired by the Holy Qur’an (the apparent text، text، content، Quranic evidence or meaning)، deterministic hadiths (such as frequent news، news that contains definitive proofs of its authenticity) and the consensus of Muslims، or the consensus of Shi'a scholars Finally، the most popular novels among friends. The sheikh also refers to contradictory narratives and shows the face of their combination، or the face of their weakness، such as the weakness of the bond or the work of the companions on the contrary. This book includes 393 chapters and 13590 hadiths.


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A. A.-J. T. . . Al-Shaati and N. I. J. A. . Al-Maamuri, “Sheikh Al-Tousi’s Methodology in his Book ‘Rules Refinement’”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 6, pp. 239 - 250, Sep. 2020.

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