A Strife to Survive in the Novel of the Contemporary Arabic Generations

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Awrad Muhammad Kazem
Hamza Abdul Ameer Hussein


This research investigates what the fictional characters take, as a model for natural and realistic human life, in terms of defensive or offensive techniques and strategies for the sake of preserving the self and its continuity in staying within a world dominated by the laws of nature that have been imbibed and printed by the human soul, so the human law is the law of nature and its morals, and in this world it controls Emotions and animalism precede the mind, so it preserves it in its entirety, or takes it as a ride for one purpose, which is victory, with what (reason) provides in terms of innovation and manufacture of power tools. Reason in the natural world and its morals do not rationalize that life and morals, but rather serve it as it is without effecting from its effect that marked life beyond Naturalism - in the sense of what came after it and not in the sense of what is behind it - is something mentioned.


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Kazem أ. م. . and Hussein ح. ع. ا. . ., “A Strife to Survive in the Novel of the Contemporary Arabic Generations”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 9, pp. 82–97, Nov. 2020.