Multiplicity in Parsing: Concept and Reasons

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Hassan Obaid Al Mamouri
Karrar Ibrahim Issa


Multiplicity in Arabic dictionaries is a term that is intended to mean richness and identification. This study relates to the richness of the grammatical cases of the word and it is not related to identification, because we are after the large number of grammatical cases in the parsing of a word.

The grammatical case is a change that takes place at the end of the word and transposes it between the syntactic features that a word takes such as nominative, accusative, genitive and jussive cases, according to the position of the grammarians, and the Fatha of the Hamza is given to the people of the desert, our study relates to the first meaning, which is an application of grammatical rules, and we have nothing to do with the other meaning. The syntactic plurality occurred as a result of multiple reasons that had a prominent role in the singular possibility of more than one grammatical aspect, some of them are related to advance, delay and multiplicity of the meaning of the composition, and some are related to the functions of the word, stopping and starting.



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H. O. . . . . . . Al Mamouri and K. I. . Issa, “Multiplicity in Parsing: Concept and Reasons”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 9, pp. 212 - 225, Nov. 2020.

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