Cognitive Self-complaining by High School Students

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Sadiq Kadhum Jerio
Lamiaa Hamza Shenawa Al Asady



The study emphasizes the importance of cognitive self-complaining as one of the causes of mild or moderate cognitive impairment, but its inclusion is still controversial, and many studies have not used self-cognitive complacency when diagnosing moderate cognitive impairment, and there is no ideal way to identify or demonstrate self-cognitive complaining. While there are no less than (20) questionnaires to identify and measure moderate cognitive impairment. This problem led to uncertainty about the relevance of self-reported cognitive complaining and the existence of a question mark about the use of self-reported cognitive complaining to define mild cognitive impairment. This study deals with high school students in order to measure their own level of cognitive distress and the differences in self-cognitive complaint among secondary school students according to the variables of gender (male - female) for the benefit of male students and specialization (scientific-literary) by means of a questionnaire that adopted the Marseille scale and others. . It was concluded that the members of the current study population who represent secondary school students in Babel governorate, whether they are male or female, have a self-cognitive complaint, with statistically significant differences in the degrees of self-cognitive complaint among secondary school students according to the gender variable (males - females) There are no statistically significant differences between the average scores of the sample members for self-cognitive complaint according to the variable of specialization (scientific-literary), and there are no statistically significant differences in the self-cognitive complaint of secondary school students due to the effect of the interaction between the gender variable (male - Females) and variable specialization (scientific - literary).


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Jerio ص. ك. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and Al Asady ل. ح. ., “Cognitive Self-complaining by High School Students”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 9, pp. 22–247, Nov. 2020.