Role of The Islamic Republic of Iran in Supporting the Palestinian Cause

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Wisam Saleh AbdulHussien Jasim


This study deals with the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in supporting the Palestinian cause. The Iranian people have realized the extent of persecution in the Palestinian issue for many years, to emotionally rush to deal with it from the window of the Islamic brotherhood that authorized them to support and interact with the developments of its events until it became a major reason that pushed the Iranians to confront the Shah’s regime, which Strategically linked to the usurper Zionist entity. The study aims to achieve a number of objectives, including the definition of the extent of Iranian popular sympathy on the Palestinian issue and the strength of its relationship with the support provided to the Palestinian people, and the most prominent and important procedural means taken by the Islamic Republic in supporting the Palestinian people and supporting their legitimate and just struggle, in addition to identifying the reflection of the impact of the support it provided The Islamic Republic is based on its position as an effective regional power in the conflict with the Israeli entity, and at the same time as a pivotal state in the projects of the axis of resistance.


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W. S. A. . Jasim, “Role of The Islamic Republic of Iran in Supporting the Palestinian Cause”, JUBH, vol. 28, no. 9, pp. 248 - 264, Nov. 2020.